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[IP] white water rafting

I rafted on the Lehigh river in PA in September two years ago, and wore my 
MNMD 507 throughout,  I wrapped it in a baggie and a plastic shopping bag, 
then tucked the bundle it in my shorts uner my life preserver, and left it 
there.  I kept my meter and dex tabs in the cooler, which was tied shut and 
tied down to the boat, so they were completley inaccessible.  I tested 
several times in the morning before I got in the boat to make sure I was 
holding steady, and again when we stopped for lunch, bolused very 
conservatively for lunch and tested before i got back in after lunch.  
Despite the heavy rowing we did (low water flow), I was a little high at the 
end, but I had been JETTISONED from the boat after lunch - thought my life 
was gonna end - hit a rock that left a dent on my body - good thing i didnt 
land on the pump...Funny thing was, I was almost more concerned about my 
pressssshhhhhuuuuusssss being ripped from my body than I was about the 
possibilty of being crushed against the boulders that were swirling past my 
body at what seemed like 150 mph... 

It was interesting having the pump...I told my boat members (100% strangers) 
I had diabetes and where the dex tabs were, and they were cool, then the 
group leader made the announcement that anyone with a medical problem to be 
sure and advise them...My boat gorup all turned to look at me like the 
expected me to raise my hand in front of all 100 people...I just looked at my 
feet. I did tell one of the guys, as I was getting the boat - but didn't want 
to make any kind of public announcement, ya know? Didn't get to test much 
throughout the day...but hung right around 160-175, which was fine - didn't 
want to go low out there! 1 hour of paddling was actually 5 1/2 hours of 
paddling, thanks to low water levels 

THis time of year, I doubt there wll be that HUGE of rapids...unless they 
have just opened a dam...wrap it in a baggie, duct tape it shut so you can 
see it still - then you can bolus etc with out taking it out...the MNMD is 
water resistant, so if it gets damp dont freak - just dry it off real good.


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