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Re: [IP] Bubble problem

> I have been getting a lg bubble in my cartridge that wasn't there when I
> filled it and started using it.  It has happened the last 3 times
> i've put in a new cartridge.  I've been wearing my pump upsidedown so
> that the bubble doesn't get in the tubing.  
> Does anyone have any idea how this bubble is created in a sealed
> cartridge?
How cold is the insulin when you fill the resevoir?

Gases (such as air) stay dissolved in cool liquids much better than in warm 
liquids, try taking your insulin out of the fridge and setting it on the 
counter for a half hour (plus or minus depending on your climate) before you 
fill your cartridge.  And of course be sure to whack the heck out of that thing 
to shake all the bubbles to the top so you can force 'em out. :)

-Sara G.

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