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[IP] Re: will i be able to pump?

Recently LeAnn remarked:

> according to the book i'd have some ridiculously low basil setting
> like.2-.3 an hour. i keep reading where some pumpers have problems with
> their pumps at such a low setting.

During the day, I run at 0.2, and haven't had any problems (though I am
sometimes a little ridiculous...). There's a chance I may have to drop that
a bit, in fact. Since my MM507c doesn't resolve any finer than 0.1 unit (and
I'm not sure I'd trust a pump to do any better than that), I'll have to one
of two things.  (A) Some folks on this list recommend diluting one's insulin
with a special diluent that's available. This sounds like a hassle to me,
but maybe.  (2) My endo once suggested I could adjust my basals to mimic an
in-between rate. For instance, if I found I needed .15 u/hr, I could do .2
for an hour (two clicks), and .1 for an hour (one click). That would mean
some variation in insulin delivery throughout the day, but not much, and
Humalog isn't all that fast for me anyway. I might try it.

Keith Johnson
email @ redacted
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