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Re: [IP] Bubble problem

At 10:46 AM 09/11/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Hi fellow pumpers,
 >I have been getting a lg bubble in my cartridge that wasn't there when I
 >filled it and started using it.  It has happened the last 3 times
 >i've put in a new cartridge.  I've been wearing my pump upsidedown so that
 >the bubble doesn't get in the tubing.
 >Does anyone have any idea how this bubble is created in a sealed cartridge?

Sometimes there is air dissolved in the insulin. Eventually it will come 
out of solution and appear as a bubble (or bubbles). The only way I know to 
prevent this are to make sure the insulin is at room temperature, not shake 
it too much, and rap the cartridge (reservoir) hard while filling, to force 
out bubbles. There may be a lot of other suggestions out there, though.


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