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Re: [IP] New insulin from Lily-A Completely Different Opinion

My own 2c on the 70/30 issue --> 75/25 Lispro.

That was the first insulin my doc tried me on. And it was MISERABLE. I
could plan on a hypo an hour before lunch time and a hypo at 2 AM.  So
THAT's why they tell you to eat snacks!!!!

I HATE snacking! I'd rather eat 3 real meals than 6 snacks a day!!!!!
But that's what 70/30 forced me to do!

In the intervening years, I've found out that many classical Type 2's
can do FINE on such a regimen. They are not under such extreme time
constraints in relation to the injection, and the NPH can stabilize
their BGs very well.

This is not to say that ALL Type 2's can do this -- it really depends on
the person. 

I'm really not opposed to Lilly marketing such an insulin, BUT I'm
opposed to docs who assume that it's the right insulin for EVERYONE. 

I'm also opposed to docs who assume that loose control is fine for
everyone -- but I still think that the choice of how tight is for the
diabetic to make, not the doctor. Some people REALLY don't want to deal
with the effort it takes to achieve tight control, and that's THEIR
choice, because it's THEIR body!
(With children, it's different, because the parent is responsible for
ANOTHER person's body!  :)  )

When someone is very old, and/or very ill, maybe tight DM control ISN'T
the first priority -- maybe quality of remaining life is. Maybe keeping
the person comfortable is. Maybe avoiding dangerous hypos is. 

I guess I'm trying to say that choices in DM treatment AREN'T a one-size
fits all deal. I'm glad that I'm in the place where I can make my own
choices, and I'm sorry that not everyone is! 
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