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[IP] Exercise and Keto's

My daughter Sara, 14, has a similar result when swimming. At regular practices we have to be prepared for low BG's. But a swim meet is different. She will go high easily and pop up a ketone if we are not cautious. This is not a medical opinion, but our thoughts after years of this reaction. Excitement and the adrenaline release. When you mentioned white water rafting and ketones my thoughts went immediately to the reaction Sara has at swim meets. The more intense the competition the more we watch for the higher BG's and ketones. I know it sounds stupid, but there it is.
Don't kick yourself. It sounds as if you were doing all the right things. Continuous BG checks in an unfamiliar situation, a quick catch of the problem and fast reactions to it. Great job in unfamiliar territory.
Pam-Mom to Sara-age 14 pumping 8/99 and doing GREAT,