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[IP] Learning, learning

Despite my hopes of making a new set last up to four or five days, I finally have
to accept that three days is my limit.  My absorption doesn't seem to change
because  my tests are still good, but after three days it gets uncomfortable.
Actually sometimes going into the third day is not so good.  It's almost like the
cannula shifts inside me or something because it aches a little when I bend or
twist.  But then when I take it out, it's not bent and my area is not sore.  Oh
well.  I guess three days is it.
Still much better than injections.
I had my first absorption or line clog problem last week.  I tested "HI" which I
believe means over 500 on my machine.  So I bolused 9 units.  Two hours later,
still "HI".  So I disconnected and gave myself an injection.  That brought me down
to 444 a few hours later.  I had traces of keytones. I changed my site and bolused
again.  By bedtime I had come down to 70.  So I drank milk before bed in case I
came down anymore.  I ended up 49 the next morning. The hard thing is know if any
of the insulin will eventually absorb, leaving you with too much. I didn't handle
it perfectly, but I feel like I did okay.  I'm not afraid now, because I think I
can take care of problems.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Where 50,000 people are proud to have a mall.

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