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[IP] will i be able to pump?

<<<<<From: "Leann Marcucci" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] will i be able to pump?

...... according to the book i'd have some
ridiculously low basil setting
like.2-.3 an hour. i keep reading where some pumpers
have problems with
their pumps at such a low setting. plus i keep
thinking what if i need 
less tdd like the book says i might!
my question, should i hold off pumping??>>>>> 

Well, from my own experience, my basal rate is.3 for
most of the day (7am-12am) and i am definitely not as
thin as you.  When I use the treadmill I have to stop
the pump, since a temporary basal makes me crazy low. 
Also, my bolus rate ranges from 1:12 at breakfast, 1:6
at lunch and 1:8 at dinner.  I found the Pumping
Insulin book helpful in many areas except my basals
and boluses. When i first discovered how drastically
different I was from the pumping insulin book, i
received a zillion e-mails to do a fasting basal rate
check.  Well, my numbers changed a little, but as you
can see I don't fit the "norm" either.  Also, my
doctor used my insulin dosages and SCHEDULE on shots
to determine my initial pump settings.  If need be,
the strength of the insulin you use can be reduced. 
Good luck! -Alecia

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