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[IP] Re: MM batteries/new pump features wanted

Hi Yvonne,

My MM batteries (in the 508) last me about a month. I use the audible
bolus quite often, and I suspect that may shorten battery life a bit. If
you use the vibrating option I would assume that would shorten it even

Depending on the options you are using, 2 weeks sounds quite low, and 1
week ridiculous. I'd call MM. I also keep the spare chamber with
batteries installed so that when I do get the low battery alarm, I'm
"ready" for a quick change. That helps me feel more "prepared."

That reminds me--on features for new pumps (a thread a while ago), I'd
like a more accurate "readout" of battery life left (as they have on
some camcorder batteries now). That way we'd know when they are close to
going bad.



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