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[IP] Kind words


What kind of kind words do you need?  I've got all kinds here  (drumroll
please) --

    determined (since you're a pumper),
    self-aware (since you asked for what you need),
    human (since you're frustrated),
    reacher-out to others (based on your list activity),
    non-whiney (since you stated your feelings, and didn't wallow in them),
    proactive (you see a problem and you deal with it),
    intelligent (since you are pumping [takes a certain amount of brains
right there] and you spell better then I do :)

Seriously, I'm sorry you're having rotten feelings right now.  I hope you
feel better soon.  Feel free to write privately if you want to talk more.

I'll be thinking about you as I go change my set.

Kathy Trondsen

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