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[IP] all medical personel are not created =

email @ redacted wrote:  << Are most docs/nurses this uneducated about 
diabetes. In the ER, the doc 
sees his pump and asks what it is, then says, oh he has diabetes that bad 
that he needs that?  AHHH.  They kept wanting to give him juice for dry lips, 
etc.  And i told them he had to have insulin for that, "he does?"    
AHHHHHHHH sorry just had to vent. >>

Wow that IS bad!! Time for some continuing-ed for those folks.

How about this:  I made an appt. with a PCP and the nurse told me to fast for 
24 hours b/f my appointment.  HELLO?! I tell her I have Type 1 Diabetes & it 
seemed to mean nothing to her.  This was b/f pumping & there's no way I could 
go 8 hr. w/o eating & NPH.  She told me to do it anyway but I didn't.

Another time I was calling around for a new endo.  I asked this nurse if the 
doc saw juvenile diabetics or type 2's & she tells me no, she only sees 

Last year a nurse in my endo's office was just making conversation with me 
until the doc came in and she asked me if anyone in my family had diabetes.  
When I said no she said, "Oh, just a genetic defect huh?"

Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by morons :Z

dxed age 10
pumping since 6/1/00

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