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[IP] Reservoirs & MiniMed

Amy Martin <email @ redacted> wrote:
Ok, I did call MiniMed, they are not that helpful. I am very ready to get rid 
of my pump. I'm tired of having to deal with minimed.  So y'all know, in case 
this happens to you, the over delivery >>

FYI:  The reservoirs & infusion sets CAN be bad.  Back in July I thought I 
had a box of bad infusion sets. MM was great about replacing them, but 
practically refused my suggestion that the whole box/batch was bad.  I was 
told that it was practically IMPOSSIBLE for them to be malfunctioning--I MUST 
be doing something different--or wrong. Blame it on operator error.  

I had several LARGE unexplained highs every few days (usually in the morning 
b/c I had not tested for 8 hr., but during the day I would test & catch it at 
200 or 300.) I wasn't getting any NO DELIVERY's or anything, so (confused & 
frustrated) I would change the set & reservoir.  I got pretty sick a couple 
of times--almost DKA with lg. ketones & caused me to stay home.  I was 
starting to think at least with MDI I knew I was getting SOME insulin.

I would call MM & they would walk me thru all the tests for alarms, new 
insulin, & changing your set every 3 days, which would take about 45 minutes 
& leave us nowhere.  Then they would send me some new ones (which came the 
next day :) 2 points for MM!)

It wouldn't happen again until I would run out of the replacements & switch 
back to my box of infusion sets.  I didn't catch on until it happened more 
than 3 times, and the last time I was so exasperated that I took myself off 
the pump until they fed-exed me the new reservoirs.  

It hasn't happened since then.  When I looked back at my log book it was 
obvious what had happened.  I thought it was weird that the MM operators kept 
asking me if I was pulling the plungers out, if I changed the set every 3 
days, if the cannula was bloody or bent. . . Of all the Q's none were, "Did 
you start a new box of infusion sets or reservoirs?" I know how to follow 
dxed age 10
pumping since 6/1/00
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