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[IP] insulin mixtures, 30/70, 25/75 etc.

My friend has been on novo 30/70 for over 10 years, she is 18 and was 
started on it shortly after she was first diagnosed.  The other insulins 
didn't work for her.  Her sugars are as good as can be expected for a teen.  
And she has had no problems with it.  She has set meals at set times, but 
prefers it that way.  She is well aware of the "new" insulins and carb 
counting etc.  But doesn't see the need to change her ways, cause they 
working so well for her.  She uses the Novo Pen and using the mixture allows 
her to have only one shot instead of two, as I always have.  She has regular 
short acting for times when she is high or wants a little extra food.  But 
she is very happy with the mixture.  What works for one doesn't work for 
Summer (Ontario, Canada)
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