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Re: [IP] will i be able to pump?

Hi Leann:

I'm on very low amounts of insulin.  I used a .1/hour basal  during the day 
and actually had to put in a .0 basal for a few hours at night.  My total 
basal and bolus per day ran around 4-6 units per day depending on what I was 
eating or doing.

I found out from another pumper like us that diluting the Humalog is possible 
and have started to do this.  It is helping a lot.  I'm doing a 50/50 
dilution so now I can achieve a .05/hour basal when necessary. It takes a 
little more mathematical work on my part but I think it is going to really 
help me from having so many lows.

The pump still works great even on these small doses.  I have the MM 508.

Good Luck!
If I can help you more feel free to write me privately.

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