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Re: [IP] will i be able to pump?

oh thanks for setting me straight! and i didn't wish to offend with the
"ridiculous" comment-just haven't met many adults on such a small amount...
so much for my attempt at sarcasm..:) glad to know i could do such small
why do people need more insulin after about a year? type 1's can develop
insulin resistance that quickly, or is it something else?
and as for the pumper who asked when will the weight loss start now that i'm
on synthyroid.. well, that depends if the extra weight is because of your
hypothyroidism or "extra caloric" eating habits. my grandmother, mother and
myself all have various forms of thyroid problems. i've had hashi's since i
was 14. ever had a tsh of 452-try to loose weight on that! lol! anyway, what
i'm saying is if the weight you're concerned about is caused by a slower
metabolism in responce to an underactive thyroid, then yes, some weight will
come off. but it won't melt off just because you become euthyroid..sorry to
say...:) from what i can tell, just a normal healthy diet and enough
synthyroid and that should help alot!! don't settle for a tsh over 2-that
helps too!!
good luck!
leann  .. who's relieved she can still become a pumper!
email @ redacted

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