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Re: [IP] will i be able to pump?

I've bever heard of problems with the actual PUMP at these low settings, but
I've heard of site problems.  You may have to experiment with the different
infusion sets available, Call both MM and Disetronic, and ask for some
"Samples" and they will send you one or two infusion sets of each type.

You may find that you need more basal in the morning and less in the
afternoon and night, or like me, more in the morning and early evening and
lighter in the midday and midninght and such...

MM will only fill to 200 (or less?) and so you won't have to cart around 2
weeks worth of the insulin in your pump....

Good luck with this venture and as there are kids who take about the same
tye of basals as you speak of, perhaps a parent can come in on this one...

Bear in mind, also, that over the next year, your insulin needs may
increase. as you (and anyone it seems) seem to need more insulin after the
first year or two of diabetes. Cheerio for now.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Leann Marcucci"
Subject: [IP] will i be able to pump?

> my tdd is barely 16 units (sometimes 14) on 4 injections a day. i'm 5'3''
> and gained 10 lbs in the past month (hope that stops!) which puts me at
> lbs. according to the book i'd have some ridiculously low basil setting
> like.2-.3 an hour. i keep reading where some pumpers have problems with
> their pumps at such a low setting. >  what do you all think? anybody else
on such small amounts?
> thanks!
> leann marcucci

dx 8/1/00

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