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Re: [IP] Water Tight?

On 9 Sep 2000, at 15:24, Jeffrey Rogers wrote:

> water tight, but.....I don't know. I will soon be taking Scuba Diving
> lessons and will ofcourse later be diving once I am certified. Does anyone
> know the TRUE limits of this device? Is it REALLY water proof? How deep can
> it go? Please...any insight on this will be greatly appreciated. 

I've heard both 9 ft and 11 ft.  Both of those would be safe figures 
and would allow for training in a pool.  You will also learn in Scuba 
that as your depth increases (each 33 ft) the atmospheric pressure 
also increases.  Thus wearing your pump during scuba diving could 
give you an unwanted bolus.  Dives generally do not last more than 
45 minutes, so take an extra bolus and disconnect if you NEED 
the insulin.


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