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Re: [IP] Rev. Randall Winchester's comments

RoseLea    I hear the pride in you daughter   I would be    my sons are very
seft centered   21 and 22   the 22 is more responsible and stayed right with
me when I was having secisors one night   never new I had them  before his
girl friend heard me  sent John to check on me   she was scared would not
come in  I understand that  but wish she wasn't scared  appreciated her
getting me help   but they should have loaded me up and taken me to er
those were the 1st seen   I've lost time before  think they were secisors
but I've gone through with them what I need for them to do   low bs  gotta
stop here  be back  42    I hate that  I kept getting side tracked just to
get something to eat   it was to realy for my supper   but I jguess I got to
count the 60  65 carbs I just ate with my super  I talking in circles   I
showed them what to do  but I don't know if they still know  or would it
they don't check on me much   days sometimes   its scary alone  when you hit
low   I've been where I can't help myself   passed out 3 times in 2 days
landed in hospital  my Dr. sucks  he don't seen to listin   bet he would if
I were a man   his nurse paticnern is great   but I only seen her when I was
in hospital  and nursing home  was there 3 mts   just got home Aug 1st.
Tn. Care  not much choises here where I live  don't know if chaning dr will
help.    Its a fight here to get my 21 year old to help me with anything   0
income here   he don't help  don't care   I know  I should put him on the
road  but after my divorce I was homeless   and I just can't do it to my
kids   but all I meant to say was   I hope some day I find a good loving man
want want let the diabeties stop him from loving me   Sorry ya didn't want
to hear all this   couldn't help myself
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Subject: [IP] Rev. Randall Winchester's comments

> Rev. Randall Winchester wrote:
> >>My children have also learned to offer me
> food if I start acting oddly.  I don't like the fact that my children
> sometimes have to take the responsibility of taking care of me by trying
> determine if my bg is crashing...<<
> Randall, everything you said is excellent and to the point.  But this one
> comment really related to me.  My daughter learned how to treat my lows at
> the age of 3 1/2 to 4.  It was a lot of responsibility to put on one so
> young.  I'm glad she's grown up to be a wonderful, responsible adult who
> also overlooks many people's "conditions" and would never stop dating a
> if she found out he had diabetes, or asthma, or epilepsy, or whatever.
> always looks past those things and sees the real person.
> RoseLea and Max...
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