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[IP] Re: slow onset of Type 1

Recently Darlene noted:

> Sorry, but I don't buy into Type 1 is sudden onset.

I'll agree with you there!  When my mother first brought me to the doc
because of the usual symptoms--a little tired, somewhat frequent
urination--he diagnosed it as glandular problems. Nearly a year later, when
I had lost a lot of weight (my 8th-grade class picture resembles a skeleton)
and symptoms were much worse, things had gotten bad enough that he finally
decided he ought to do a blood glucose test.  Waddya know?!

The thing I don't understand: my mom stayed with the same doctor for many
years thereafter.  If I'd been older, I'da dumped him immediately. Oh, well.

Anyway, the symptoms did come on slowly enough that I didn't get diagnosed
properly for nearly a year. Granted, this all took place in the Diabetic
Dark Ages (I remember having loads of fun with those wonderful Clinitest
tablets and the test tubes, for instance).

Keith Johnson
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

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