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[IP] LADA and kids

Darlen writes:
<< At any rate, LADA develops much more slowly than Type 1 in
 > children, so
 > it would stand to reason that you probably had a longer pre-diabetic
 > period than children do -- when your pancreas was deteriorating, but
 > still able to keep your BGs normal most of the time.

All the medical personnel in the world will never convince me that Kap's 
diabetes came on suddenly.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt  his 
pancreas gave out slowly.  The medical field nor anyone else lived and saw 
Kap daily for 4 years.  ---------------------------snip-----------

While there is no way to prove your assertion as true, most of what we kow
bout IDDM is from NOD(Non obese Diabetic) Rats. In these rats, the process
takes several months to evolve but not longer. In my case I had a viral
infection and developed my diabetes almost concurrently. Some of what we
know comes from children who died in DKA. It apears to take perhaps weeks
but not months and months. Fortuntely you don't know either. Good for Kap,
he's pumping and perhaps will beat alot of the nasty complications. By
definition IDDM in Kids and teens usually has an explosive onset.

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