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Re: [IP] NPH and hunger

Peter Hadcock wrote:

> on 9/8/00 3:03 PM, RoseLea at email @ redacted wrote:
> > Lena, I think this was also true for me.  Now with the pump, I am eating
> > less and not snacking so much.  I've lost nearly 10 lbs since pumping and am
> > happy with that.  I also am taking less insulin with the pump, pre-pump was
> > 40u of a NPH and R combination, now I take 25-30u per day with Humalog on
> > the pump.
> Same goes for me as well. I hardly feel hungry between meals and my Insulin
> requirements went from 42 units on NPH and Humalog to around 31 units of
> Humalog with the pump. Really did'nt need to lose the weight though.
> Peter
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> Gee. O wonder what will happen to me.  I take over 125 units a day.  About 55
> units are NPH and the rest R.  Over four years I have gained 40+ pounds and look
> like any other pig ready for market.  I have had dm for 20+ years but they
> increased it with the multiple injections four years ago.

Well we will se what happens on the week of the 18th P-day will arrive most likely
on Monday.  I am still awaiting the delivery of my pump but it has not come as

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