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email @ redacted writes:

<< I do not notice this with any other meal time it seems to be just 
 breakfast and have tried different foods and he still goes high? Any advice 
 would be great. Thank you.                     Lori
                                          Ryans mom >>
After battling the same situation with my daughter Katie (I have been told 
and/or read this has a lot to do with the body having been in a "fasting"  
state for 8+ hours), now on school days Katie only eats no-carbs for 
breakfast, then has a 15-20carb snack around 10:00. Her numbers are so much 
better this way. Breakfasts of soft-boiled eggs in fun egg cups, sausages and 
cheese rolled in a thin "burrito" of egg, spinach omelets and an occasional 
"Atkins" low carb protein bar (2.8 carbs) all work well. On weekends, we go 
all out with cereal/pancakes, etc., when more aggressive boluses can be 
easily monitored! While each person is different, I understand the 
insulin/carb ratio for morning meals is 1-1/2 to 2 times greater than any 
other time of the day. Try "old fashioned" oatmeal (more fiber than the 
instant) sprinkled with cinnamon and equal, or flavored with maple flavoring 
with a splash of cream. That is our "easiest" carb breakfast. Also try a 
square-wave approach---it may help to chase the high.    Katie's Mom, Kathy
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