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Re: [IP] Rev. Randall Winchester's comments

I really appreciated RRW's comments.  One thought I might add re: children 
whose parents are diabetic.

I believe my son is learning compassion in living with me.  It is a fine 
line, and I work very hard to be very positive.  I believe he has learned 
tolerance, in that if he sees a person who looks "different" and asks me 
about it I can explain that a lot of people have parts of them that are 
"broken," just some you can see and some you can't. I explain to him that the 
cells that make insulin are "broken" inside of me, and that is why the pump 
allows me to stay healthy.  Also, when I am moody, (diabetes related) I 
always explain, after I'm stable, that he is not the cause of the bad mood, 
etc.  So far so good.  Also, I try to look at the times he has gotten me some 
oj or gotten my husband to help me, he learns compassion.  It's not easy, and 
I pray that I am doing the best for him that I can.

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