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Re: [IP] New insulin from Lily

On 8 Sep 00, at 16:45, Sheila Morris wrote:

> I got this in an email today.  What purpose does this insulin serve? 
> Announcing the launch of a New Breed of Insulin, Humalog(R) Mix 75/25(TM)
> (75% insulin lispro protamine suspension, 25% insulin lispro injection
> [rDNA origin]).  This is exciting news for patients who are currently
> taking 70/30 human insulin. 

and Randall replied:

<< The mixed insulins are used by many people who are on a two injection a day 
protocol. It saves them from the inconvenience of having to mix their own 
insulin.  >>

Randall is right. I was intrigued because I thought maybe (just maybe...)
that this mix might be similar to the Humalog/Velosulin mix that I
currently use in my pump. I don't mind mixing it myself, but if I could
reduce the number of bottles of insulin I have going at one time, I would
prefer it. 

However, this mix is not what I was hoping for. I checked the Lily website.
25% of this mix is Humalog as we know it. The other 75% is an insulin with
action similar to the dreaded NPH.  Not useful to those of us on pumps. 

Mary Jean

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