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[IP] Rev. Randall Winchester's comments

Rev. Randall Winchester wrote:

>>My children have also learned to offer me
food if I start acting oddly.  I don't like the fact that my children
sometimes have to take the responsibility of taking care of me by trying to
determine if my bg is crashing...<<

Randall, everything you said is excellent and to the point.  But this one
comment really related to me.  My daughter learned how to treat my lows at
the age of 3 1/2 to 4.  It was a lot of responsibility to put on one so
young.  I'm glad she's grown up to be a wonderful, responsible adult who
also overlooks many people's "conditions" and would never stop dating a guy
if she found out he had diabetes, or asthma, or epilepsy, or whatever.  She
always looks past those things and sees the real person.

RoseLea and Max...

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