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[IP] Comments appreciated


The local ADA chapter asked me to join their speaker's
bureau.  I've been asked to speak mostly to groups of
medical professionals - (nurses, medical assistants,
hospital staff, med students and doctors.)  The purpose is
to help care-givers understand (1) what its like to be
diabetic, (2) how a sudden change from being non-diabetic to
type 1 literally overnight changed my life, and (3) how
medical professionals can improve the quality of their
care - from a diabetic's non-clinical point of view.

In gathering ideas, I'd appreciate being able to share some
of your stories and experiences.  In particular I'd
appreciate your thoughts on:

1.  What is the single most important advice would you give
your doctor?

2.  What advice would you give your CDE or Nurse?

3.  What advice would you give your Pharmacist or Doctor's
office staff?

4.  What is the most important thing that hospital personnel
can do to improve the care of diabetics during a hospital

5.  As a care giver, what advice would you give your medical
professional about your involvement in the treatment
decisions of your child, parent or significant other?

6.  From an emotional/mental/spiritual standpoint, what can
medical professionals due to help you improve your care?

7.  What was your single absolute worst treatment nightmare
which could have been avoided through better
care/education/thoughtfulness on the part of the medical

8.  In one sentence, how would you describe the effect
diabetes has had on your life and the lives of your family?

Please feel free to respond in any way (privately if you
like) to these thoughts.


Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman
email @ redacted

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