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[IP] LADA or slow pancreas

<< At any rate, LADA develops much more slowly than Type 1 in
 > children, so
 > it would stand to reason that you probably had a longer pre-diabetic
 > period than children do -- when your pancreas was deteriorating, but
 > still able to keep your BGs normal most of the time.

All the medical personnel in the world will never convince me that Kap's 
diabetes came on suddenly.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt  his 
pancreas gave out slowly.  The medical field nor anyone else lived and saw 
Kap daily for 4 years.  All the signs were there out front for the world to 
see and stupid me didnt know how to go about getting a test done.  If I had 
only known a $100 machine and a few test strips were all that was needed, I 
would have saved mega bucks and fights with 4 doctors that refused to test 
Kap even when his bio-mother was type 1.  His first test was 346 and was 
started on insulin the next day.  He became a totally different child.  I saw 
the change firsthand and So many people have made remarks on his change every 
To date - no one can tell us the cause of diabetes only theories!  And they 
sure can't tell us the Cure.
Sorry, but I don't buy into Type 1 is sudden onset.  At least not for Kap it 
was not sudden.  And I do not buy into the medical field's view that 
complications do not start until 5 years or more with diabetes.  Kap already 
has signs of nerve damage in his hands and feet and stomach problems.  His 
endo said Kap didn't need an eye exam until 5 years with diabetes because it 
takes that long for complications to set in!  But I am not so stupid anymore, 
he had 1, but he went low during the session.  So the doctors ask for him to 
come back again when he was in better control.  Now, I ask you, when will 
that be, he is growing like a weed, and has many ups and downs.  I guess he 
will have control when he is finished growing or their is a cure.
Thanks for Listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 pumping - searching for control.
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