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Re: [IP] Swimming Advice-From Swimmers Please

> My question to all of you swimmers out there is; 'Generally
> speaking' what would you all suggest I do to make this transition
> successfull?  Will I need more/less carbs?  Will I 'bounce'
> afterwords?  Any advice/insights will be appreciated.

The answer to all that is a YES... heh... heh... all of the above.

Swimming is like any other sport with the addition of the heat loss 
element through skin contact with the water. If you swim at 
competitive temperatures 72 vs recreational temps ~80 you may find 
that additional carb intake is requried to keep from going low during 
a work out. My daughter used to do competitive swimming and found she 
needed about 10 - 15 grams of carb an hour to offset skin loss. On 
the flip side, several hours in a wetsuit, even in 45 degree water 
where you feel chilled results in high bg's. I suspect the difference 
is that while swimming, you work much harder than scuba diving. 
Sports activities usually fall in two flavors with respect to bg's. 
If there is not enough blood insulin available, exercise results in 
high bg's as the liver dumps to try and supply what the muscles say 
they need, conversely the extra demands for energy can result in low 
bg's. The middle ground is a stable or slightly lower bg's followed 
by either a high or low after exercise. This is really a YMMV thing, 
but it should be consistent for YOU over reasonably long time frames 
.... it may change as your conditioning changes. A good strategy is 
to have a small -- easy carb snack a half hour or so before exercise 
with the required insulin to guarantee that blood insulin levels are 
adequate. For a while, test every 20 - 30 minutes to see how your 
body responds for the exercise period and the 2 - 4 hours following. 
Sort of like profiling for basal rates. You should see a pattern 
develop that you can then manage. My daughter removes her pump for 
all heavy exercise.... swimming, soccer, diving, ..... With the 
exception of SCUBA, her bg's usually stay flat. With SCUBA, they 
almost always go up, not a lot, but the high 100's. If she does not 
get her pump back on immediately they really take off.

Hope this is helpful, I know it is ambigious.

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