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Re: [IP] Morning bg rise

I also have this problem, but my bgs will rise approximately one hour after
waking whether I eat or not.  I'm not sure whether the amount of sleep I get
affects it, since I tend to sleep about the same, even if I go to bed early
I just wake up naturally earlier.  Anyways, I take a "get out of bed in the
morning" bolus and that works better for me than upping the bolus for the
food I eat for breakfast.  For breakfast I take my usual 1:15 bolus and my
bgs are more stable, when I was bolusing more for breakfast, I tended to go
low later in the morning.  For me, my get out of bed in the morning bolus is
1 to 1 1/2 u depending on what my starting bg is.  YMMV...

RoseLea and Max...

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