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[IP] Morning bg rise - not dawn effect

> I was looking for some help with highs after breakfast.I was
> wondering if the carb bolus should be different or do I not change
> this till I know for sure the basals are absolutely correct?It does
> not seem to matter what it is Ryan eats for breakfast he goes high
> and he seems to stay high till lunch time. I do not notice this with
> any other meal time it seems to be just breakfast and have tried
> different foods and he still goes high? Any advice would be great.

Lily has had this happen to her several times over the years. The 
phenomena seems to be related more to schedule and the amount of rest 
or lack of it than what is eaten. We actually have done basal testing 
fasting, with low carb and high carb breakfasts and isolated the 
amount of the rise (unrelated to the breakfast carbs) when it occurs. 
It does not usually occur for her if she is fasting.

This is not a consistent phenomena for Lily. It will appear for a few 
weeks or months and then go away. The first time, it only appeared 
during the week, not on weekends (she slept in and was more rested). 
When and for how long this goes on will probably vary for you as 
well. In any event, Lily's solution was a fixed size morning bolus to 
compensate for the bg rise. The bolus is unrelated to the carb 
content of breakfast which she calculates for in the normal manner. 
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