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Re: [IP] IP: loved ones and lack of understanding

Well I made my husband read the dm manual and we sat down and discussed any 
questons he had and I happen to be a tad on the dramatic side so when I get 
really low like not wanting to move kind of lo I have him get something  it 
makes him feel needed and useful. i am a very independantwoman and he likes 
to feel needed. He knew everything before marriage and even had to give me 
glucagon before marriage or call ambulance. My suggestion is lay down the 
rules quickly. Why not make him a little more concerned? It seems he may be 
taken it too casually do you make it seem casual or or no big deal? It is 
very serious to go lo or hi for that matter does he know the risks? Has he 
ever seen you totally gone? That would really upset him if he doesnt fully 
understand  what could happen if he doesnt hurry. Rush him when you're lo 
tell him hurry up now! You can always apologize later for being so rude. You 
know lo bs is an excuse for a nasty attitude sometimes.I'm bold like that 
though , my man has never been slow because I gave him the message from the 
get go that this is not a game it is not to be taken lightly ( although we 
have many los that are funny later) I made it very clear what to do in every 
instance and the risks involved . He doesnt worry too much and he doesnt 
hover over me like a child basically cause of the way i handle other things 
in my life he knows I'm capable. But we all need help sometimes dont be 
afraid to say NOW with authority he'll get it a lot better than if your all 
nice and sweet about it. My man is confident he can handle anything because 
he knows -he's been taught well and he knows the consiquinces. Just my 
opinion, Hope it all works out ,you wont be giving up your independance 
you'll be giving him the confidance to handle the really scarry stuff , and 
let him know if he wants to keep you around for a long, long time he better 
learn to react quickly.And it would make you feel so much better.   Good luck 
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