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[IP] Lowest A1c Ever!!

Jessica's A1c yesterday was the lowest ever!  7.3..yippppeeeee.  We finally
must be doing something right!  We lowered her basal rates across the board
to eliminate some lows also.  Now her total daily insulin rate is around 11
units.  She grew 2 cm in 4 months so Dr. B is postponing the rest of the
growth tests until December.  Then he will have an accurate picture of her
growth and bone age for a year since the last tests were done in January. 
Overall she is doing really great.

On a sadder note, he had to hospitalize 2 children yesterday, a 10 year old
with a bg of 1100 and a 11 year old with a bg of 1800...both newly diagnosed
type 2's.  He said it has truly become an epidemic in children and he is
very concerned.  In the office he also had 3 kids with bg's over 600 and one
teen with a bg of 24.  He was so happy to see Jess with a bg of 110! LOL

Temps have finally dropped under 100 here today!!!!  Another reason to

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 2 years & Jarred, 10

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