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Re: [IP] Reservoir and Tubing changes


email @ redacted wrote:

> I have a D pump and also hate to throw away the tubing and cartridges which
> still carry insulin in them.
> Would someone explain again to me, (a little SLOW today) how to get the
> insulin from the tubing back into the cartridge to reuse.  I too hate to
> throw all that expensive, wonderful insulin into the trash can.
> Thanks......Jackie Pearce

It's really simple, leave the cap and tubing on the cartridge and attach the
plunger and pull the insulin out of the tube (same way that you pull it out of
the bottle).  Before doing this I either disconnect (or cut) the infusion set
from the end of the tube.

Sometimes I just add more insulin to what was left; other times I put the
needle back on the cartridge and add the "old" insulin back into a "recycle"
insulin bottle.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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