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Re: [IP] IP: loved ones and lack of understanding

     Having met Joe in person, I can attest to the fact that he IS a real 
"teddy bear" of a guy, who obviously dotes on you. That said, there's a VERY 
BIG "fine line" though when it comes to fund-raising. This is our 9th year 
doing the JDF WALK to Cure Diabetes & our 6th year sending out an annual 
letter. Each year, I too go through that "angst" of feeling like I'm 
begging....but given that Melissa raised $26,000 last year ( which represents 
1/2 of a research grant to some enterprising researcher somewhere), and that 
this year she already has $13,700 in checks received, how can I NOT do it? 
She also receives beautiful post-it notes ( wonder what Emily Post would have 
to say about that!) commenting on her efforts & how pleased the recipients 
are to hear from her each year. Ditto for those who actually show up to walk 
with us, connecting with our friends whom they may know casually, in an 
annual "reunion event". 
   And yet, I hear repeatedly from families who are "uncomfortable" doing 
this, so Joe is by now means unusual. One mom contacted me & said her husband 
refused to send out a solicitation letter, although he nonetheless wants his 
daughter to have a WALK team from her school. Very "grey area" since money, 
sex and politics are often "taboo topics". 
    Guess I've "almost" gotten past the discomfort level by telling myself 
that aside from raising funds, I'm also raising "awareness" for everyone who 
takes the time to read Melissa's letter. This year's version was particularly 
poignant, since she spoke about how even the most well-intentioned parent ( 
hmmmm) can't truly understand what it means to live 24/7 with diabetes.
   So, be grateful for all that Joe DOES do, and allow him the time and space 
to become better acquainted with how, why and what we're doing with the WALK. 
Each of us "marches" to our own beat, which is perfectly fine, as long as 
we're all moving forward.
Regards, Renee ( 17 1/2 yr old Melissa's well-intentioned pump mom!)
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