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[IP] IP: loved ones and lack of understanding

Greetings all!  I haven't been reading daily since I returned from vacation 
and am still trying to catch up on all my mail, but I have a question...

I always have a hard time being able to explain both the severity of diabetes 
and at the same time needing to preserve my independence and explain all the 
wonderful freedoms that we have today.  My boyfriend (who has just recently 
become my housemate as well) does a great job with most of the diabetes 
related issues.  He tends not to say "you can't eat that" and really loves my 
pump.  Often when I am running low (usually he knows the number, but 
sometimes i just tell him ... I'm low.. i need some coke...) he doesn't think 
its an emergency.  When Im alone, I certainly do everything on my own and 
don't have a problem getting sugar, but when someone is around, I don't mind 
asking them to get me a coke (for those times when I can't bear to chew on 
the tablets).  Sometimes he has said... We'll be having dinner soon... or he 
takes a very long time when getting the coke.  Does anyone have any 
suggestions for how to keep the freedom and not worry him, but to make sure 
he really GETS it?  

The other part of my problem is that it is now JDF Walk time and I have been 
sending out letters to raise money left and right.  I'm somewhat disappointed 
that he doesn't have any interest in helping to raise money because it "makes 
him uncomfortable to ask for money".  I asked him (after hoping he'd do it on 
his own just because he wanted to) to either organize a team at work or ask 
his coworkers for sponsorships.  He's not willing to do either and only when 
he saw my disappointment did he even help me with the mailings.  For some 
people this might seem normal and so on, but to be honest, I have the most 
wonderful boyfriend who does everything and anything for me.  Anyone have any 

IDDM since July 1976...born May 1975...pumping since March 2000 with Tabitha, 
my blue minimed 508

p.s. this kinda sounded like a dear abby letter didnt it? sorry!
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