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[IP] My experiences

Hi Sherry!

For me, 3 days is the max. I want to protect myself as much as possible.  I
have a problem with getting good absorbant sites in my abdomen area so I
don't push sites past 3 days.   I can wear my sil from 2 to 3.5 days.  I
usually change whole set.  I put any unused insulin back in current insulin
bottle and re-use - never had a problem.  I have been pumping for 5 years.

Sometimes, if  if I have to change a site midway through my 3 days I will
re-fill the reservoir with insulin (ALWAYS UNHOOK CANNULA FROM INFUSION SET
TO AVOID ACCIDENTALY INSERTING INSULIN!!!, remove tubing screwtop, fill
previously used reservoir, I always keep the last one used and the needle
top with cover, fill with amount of insulin needed, squeeze it into current
reservoir, screw tubing cap back on, prime to be sure no bubbles are in
tubing, re-hook and go on your way.)... to keep things going for another 3
days.   I always test every hour or so afterwards so I know the site is

Everyone has to find out what works for them.  I normally change sets after
my evening bath and therefore never prep a site.  Due to adhesive allergies
I use Sils and have no itching problems since I started using them.    Good

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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