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[IP] Softset sans the SoftSerter

>Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 16:29:22 -0400
>From: Sherry  Nolan <email @ redacted>

>Also, just to remind everyone, the SoftSet was around long before the
>SoftSerter.  People were inserting them without for years.

>- -- Sherry

>Who still can't figure out why people like using that fangled thingy.  <

The analogy for me is that brooms were here before vacuum cleaners, walking
to work before cars,   campfires before stoves...which can do a better job?
I realize these are probably bigger improvements for life than a Softserter,
but, the little things in life are SO important!

I began pumping in May and was introduced to the whole process using the
Softserter.  It works just great, never a problem.  So, why go backwards?
Especially for someone who at first had a problem even pushing the button
the Softserter!  I love the Soft serter and that is why I use "that fangled
thingy.  ".

The only way I can ever see the need for manual insertion is if something
happens to my Softserter.  I would be on the phone so fast getting another
and, as a matter of fact, it may be that I get one just in case something
happens to the one I have.  I am not into pain and suffering anymore than I
have to be, LOL!

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