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Re: [IP] Cartridge change

> I've been reading the tread on reservoir changes and set changes. How
> much insulin does the MM hold? The D hold ~300 units. I can go about 8-9
> days. Should I discard after 3 or 4 days? I haven't had any unexplained
> hi's...but I'm not looking to either. Please advise...
> Blessings
> Lisa and Geoff Pumpy


I fill up my D cartridge with the whole 315 & change when it gets low enough
to give me the first "cartridge low" warning - the 20 units that are left
fill up the new tubing if I'm changing a set.  A cartridge lasts me a little
over a week - so I generally have changed sets once during its run, & the
cartridge replacement usually falls very neatly in line with the second set
change.  (One of those things my particular form of this "condition"  :)
seems to be doing right!)  My insurance pays for well over enough insulin,
but I just can't see wasting any if I don't have to.


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