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Re: [IP] condition or disease?

> On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Tom Wellman wrote:
> > cells died.  So I'm both T1 and T2.  Calling Diabetes an
> > "affliction" or a "disease" just doesn't fit  (I don't feel
> > afflicted or diseased) - "condition" sounds good to me too.

I really LIKE the idea of it being considered a "condition" as well...that
makes a LOT more sense to me.  Even though old Papa Webster doesn't
differentiate much between the two (in the dictionary I checked <it's
definitely a teacher thing>, the two words use one another in their
definitions), most people tend to think of "disease" as something
contagious.  Yes, I know not all diseases are contagious - but in many
cases, the thought or question is "How do you catch that?"  I didn't really
think about it this way until last fall when I was explaining diabetes/my
pump to my elementary students.  A third grader asked me if it was something
he could catch from me..."disease" carries that connotation for many.
"Condition" refers more to a specific circumstance - a set of rules, in a
way.  I explained to the kids at school that it's kind of like if someone
has eyesight limitations that need the help of glasses, or asthma that they
use an inhaler for (a "puffer" is what most of the kids call them), or
allergies that they have to take pills or shots for...the pump is my
"helper" to keep me healthy the same way.

I'm one for tweaking the language whenever possible to dispel the ugly
connections that can "beat you up" emotionally...& "condition" is definitely
a winner in my book!


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