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RE: [IP] Swollen Ankles

 "A friend of mine just called and told me that his 11 yr old Daughter was 
 just diagnosed.  She has been readmitted to the hospital with swollen 
 ankles. Any one seen this before?.  The docs just say, "it must be D 
 related"." >>

Well, I didn't have it at diagnosis, but I did have my ankles swell after 
being hospitalized for DKA (after a year of being in poor control and in 
ketosis most of the time).  The doctor told me it had something to do with 
the fact that in ketosis proteins are being used for energy, instead of being 
used for repair and maintenance of tissues.  Once adequate insulin is given, 
the body turns to carbs for energy and proteins are spared for 
repairs...water follows protein into the tissues, and you've got edema 
(swelling).  I couldn't get my feet in my shoes, it was so bad!  Luckily, it 
went down after 5-6 days...in the meantime, I sure didn't wear any dresses! 

The thing is, I don't know if this would happen with a new diagnosis since 
the period of onset is usually rapid.  You certainly wouldn't be in ketosis 
for a year!  Anyway, I would definitely check this out...with suspicions of 
either circulatory or renal problems. Hope this helped.

T1, dx 1991
not pumping...yet!
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