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David Dougherty wrote:
> Thanks Natalie. Glucotrol worked to some degree for me for a little over a
> year. It worked very well at first and then did less and less even as the
> dose was increased. Glucophage did absolutely nothing at all when it was
> added. Precose was added to the other two and that didn't do anything 
> either.

Yeah, similar story. I was on Diabeta for one month, and then nothing
for a few weeks until I could see an endo (my GP was wise enough to know
when a patient's condition was beyond her). Then I was on Glucotrol for
5 months -- at first, I got horrendous lows from it, and then after a
few weeks, ever increasing doses did exactly nothing. The endo didn't
even insist that I max out on it -- I went to insulin after 20mg. did
nothing. (Some people show a response on as little as 1.25mg!)

This was before the other orals were out -- so I never tried Glucophage
or the glitazones, but at this point, I'm not willing to try them -- I
don't believe they'll do anything for me (nor does my endo), and who
wants to go through the intestinal agony???? I'm doing great on insulin
alone;  why mess with success??

> I haven't had antibody tests, so I don't know if I'm LADA or not. I was
> mostly curious because prior to diabetes I had had a lot of trouble with
> hypoglycemia. I was just wondering if there were some sort of "prediabetic"
> state that could last for a long time before diabetes actually strikes.

I haven't had diabetes antibody tests either, but I DID have thyroid
antibody tests which came out positive. I dunno whether that means
anything or not, other than that I am susceptible to auto-immunity.

Also, I had some mild hypoglycemia in the year before I was diagnosed --
just low enough to make me jittery and hyperactive, but not enough to
cause any real problems. At the time, I didn't know it was hypoglycemia
-- never talked to the doc about it -- only after having experienced
hypos as a diabetic did I realize that I had been having them.

All of this stuff convinces me that, although antibody tests are NICE,
the most important thing to consider in the adult patient is what WORKS
-- the label is much less important than good BG control, whatever it

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