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[IP] Used glucometers and other issues...

J. Hughey pointed out to me that maybe organizations are slow to take used glucometers because of the threat of AIDS (or even hepatitis <ducking so I don't get hit>)
He may be right. Which brings back a bad memory.  When I was in sixth grade a new friend of mine stayed overnight.  I didn't take an injection in front of her, but I showed her the syringe when I was done, minus the needle.  I was used to other kids being somewhat fascinated with the whole thing. She said she didn't want to touch it, because she didn't want to get AIDS.  And that brought back another
memory.  That same year another girl in my class was diagnosed--several kids said that she must have caught it from me.
I started a book a few months ago about growing up diabetic, and my decision to go on the pump.  I lost focus for awhile, but I think I will take it back out today and try to start again. Things like that really make you think, and I wish I'd known I wasn't the only kid with Diabetes. Makes you think.

Sherry C
>From the massive metropolis of Bowling Green, KY
Thinking book royalties would come in really handy for delinquent student loans

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