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Re: [IP] Questions about Synthroid/Hashimotos/low bld. sugars

Most likely the synthroid does affect the insulin need. when I sometimes
forgot and missed my synthroid, I'd have a day of slightly higher
bgs...another time I forgot and took two synthroids and the next day have
had brilliant bg's without additional insulin...

While I was in severe grave's disease however, my bg's were everywhere,
Pacoima and back and off to outer mongolia....It's amazing how a wee hormone
can skew everything up....
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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Subject: [IP] Questions about Synthroid/Hashimotos/low bld. sugars

> Hello all,
-------could the
> increased Synthroid dose be decreasing my needs for insulin?  >

> Thanks,
> Kindra
> mm508 since 9/27/99

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