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RE: [IP] Reservoir and Tubing changes

>From one Sherry to another here is what I do:

I change my sets every 4 days or whenever needed.  I can go 4 days before my
sites won't heal quickly and insulin stops being absorbed well.  This time
frame works for me, but YMMV.

I change my reserviors when they are empty, which is usually every 3-4 days.
I never plan to change both set and reservior at the same time, but once and
a while if the days line up it will happen.:)

And the tubing...well I am getting lazy these days.  I change the tubing
every other reservior change.  I find that the luer is impossible to screw
back on the reservior, or screw off for that matter after two interchanges.

I use Sils and get the combo boxes.  However I still have extra tubing
hanging around.  I should probably find something crafty to do with them.
Hmmmm, knit a blanket? :)

-- Sherry
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