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[IP] re: low didn't respond to carbs

Do you know if she had gym or just ran like crazy at recess? 

Actually the opposite.  She was home with me all day and inside all day due
to temperatures of 110+ degrees outside.  She played video games, computer
games, read, watched movies, absolutely nothing strenuous.  She was
hysterically crying that her head hurt (she always gets a headache from a
low) and kept falling asleep.  I had to keep waking her up.  She had a low
fat dinner of turkey roast, mashed potatoes and green peas for which she
bolused 1.2 units.  She then had a banana posicle for which she bolused 0.4.
This was at 5:10 pm and the low occurred at 8:30pm when she was watching her
favorite movie "Grease".  Basals are set OK, no double boluses, no blood in
the lone to indicate a nicked vein.  I do believe this is what happened
though.  I think somewhere, somehow she nicked the vein as she uses Rapids. 
We treated initially with glucose gel, juice, soda and pop tarts because it
was the only other thing I could get her to take by that time.  Glucagon kit
was open and handy if needed.  She is doing fine now, doesn't remember most
of it as is the case when she has severe lows.  I think maybe it is better
that way.  We are going to see her endo, Dr. Brosnan today.  I hate downtown
Houston traffic!

Thanks for all the support and ideas.  Nice to know you are all here.

Take care,
Nita, Jessica, 8, dx'd @ 9 months, pumping 2 years, & Jarred, 10 and playing
football against my better judgment

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