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[IP] Diabetic Madness

Greetings Amy,

Just to let you know that there are many of us here on the list who support 
you and the frustration you must be feeling, let up the physical duress of 
the problems you're having.  People on this list can only share what they 
know and what they usually know they only know from their own experiences.

I have very 'brittle' diabetes and have had it for 35=+ years and it's not 
the same 'animal' it was 30 years ago. I've become more educated and less 
stable and sometimes the things I report or ask about on this list are met 
not only with disbelief but endless addresses on how I 'should' be 
proceding, but advice on 'square one' basic procedures I've been  practicing 
for years.  Many assume that if I was just doing it right and paying 
attention I wouldn't be having the problems I have including the constant 
changing of basal rates, carbs to insulin rates, and checking my BG every 2 
hours ALL NIGHT LONG  EVERY night to try to maintain a HA1c of 7.2.  Yes, 
sometimes it IS maddning and ONLY YOU know what's going on with your body - 
more so than MM, the nurses, the CDEs and the endos.  The trick is trying to 
get them to do what YOU want.

I am sorry you're suffering Amy.  Hang in there.  I've seriously considered 
going off the pump myself, and do set yourself up so you can 'fall back' on 
injections for awhile in the event you need to.  Take care.

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