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Re: [IP] Mary, please don't go.

> Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 09:45:00 -0500 
> From: Bonnie Richardson
> <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Mary, please don't go. 
> SNIP.....Mary Said": Does this make my knowledge of
> diabetes any less? How would you moms respond 
> to such a person who obviously has no idea what we >
go through?
> Mary<<<<<<SNIP
 >Please don't drop off the list - you and your
insights are needed by so many new parents of diabetic
children. Long ago on this list I >talked about the
incredible work done by the parents of diabetic
children.  I, personally, cannot imagine how you, or
any parent, >manages to get through life with the
stress of having your child having diabetes and all
the work that goes into maintaining blood >sugars.  It
is too much that your child has a life threatening
disease, that you have no control over this disease,
and that you must >spend the rest of their growing up
life working to get them to be responsible for their
actions in every way in order for them to have a
>fairly "normal" life. And you can't be around them
all the time and you worry about whether they tested,
have a snack, will >remember to count carbs and bolus
correctly, and you have to get up in the night and
check them, and you have to fight school and
>insurance for them....and what about resentments
about you giving up a major portion of your life to do
all this.....I know, I know, >that is not an issue to
be considered..... but Lordy, I believe you parents
have it so much tougher than those of us with the
disease >itself as an adult...  The statements were
not meant personally and we are all here to educate
and learn....please have a little >compassion about
the writer, understand that they are just defending
their own pain....and didn't stop to think about what
parents go >through.  My feeling is that the statement
is like one of mine when my "mouth is going before my
brain is in gear".  I have that >problem sometimes and
never mean to offend anyone..but sometimes I do and
have to Apologize...Us reactionaries have that
>problem occasionally.  
 >Please stay with us. 
 >Bonnie Richardson

I can tell you quite frankly that Mary will not be
returning, she has unsubscribed. I know this because I
am her husband. I had taken ill after posting the
initial piece. Yes, thatís right, I was responsible
for starting the Newsweek thread, hoping to receive
the unilateral strength of the 3,000+ members, to
respond to what I felt was a poorly reported article.
The article did injustice to BOTH Diabetic Types.
Type-1ís were once again vaguely covered, and Type-2ís
were made to seem responsible for getting Diabetes.
The picture of the freestyle meter and the caption
ďnot so badĒ was an insult to all of us that check are
BGís constantly, and have callused, and painful scars
to bear. The picture of the Minimed 508 in the front
of the magazine without any acknowledging caption was
just another indication not much thought went into
this piece. My purpose to respond in force to
Newsweek, from the Diabetic Community, is that this is
a disease that the general public hasnít a clue about.
Unless they have a spouse, sibling, parent, or child
that has DM, they only have the information that is
reported. I cannot recall the hundredís of times I
needed to re-educate someoneís misconceptions about
the disease because they either were given incorrect
data, or received a gist of our reality, and retained
only fragments. I do not mind educating, but some
people get a piece of information, and try to tell you
youíre wrong, and that I should ask my doctor (I guess
almost a quarter of a century experience with DM isnít
enough). While otherís start listening, then get a
glazed look, as if in a hypoglycemic condition, until
you finished. At that time, you are sure they received
none of what you told them. This is because there is a
lot to absorb, and one conversation with a Diabetic
will not suffice. I was very excited about the piece
in Newsweek when I saw the cover. I felt they are
finally getting information to the public. There isnít
enough articleís and news reports benefiting  DMís. 
We have no Telethon to reach those who donít want to
get involved, but want to be entertained. We have no
lapel pin that the rich and famous are forced to wear
to show support. There is the Walk (which I do), and
several charity benefits, but most are attended by
people with close relationships with a person with DM.
We have such an unawareness with our disease, most
people donít know we are wearing insulin pumps, and
not beepers. I was saddened to see Type-1ís & Type-2ís
quarreling because of the thread. Unfortunately, I
donít think Diabetics will ever unite into a strong
group. My request from the group for support from the
article and itís results are proof of this. I asked
for support and received ďI donít see any
inaccuraciesĒ. I guess according to those who answered
that, the article was right. Constant Blood Glucose
testing isnít sooo bad. Type-1 diabetes is easier to
treat and isnít on the rise (as compared to the
overall DM community of 5-10% T-1 and 90-95% T-2), and
type-2 is brought upon those inactive people with poor
eating habits. Oddly enough, my wife advised me most
of the woman that responded to her said she was a peer
as a caregiver, and almost all of the male responses
advised she was not a peer. InterestingÖ..I would like
to thank those that responded to her in support and
wish them well. My wife had decided her time could be
better spent working with JDF, as she has two close
friends on the board in different chapters. She has
been planning a fundraiser for JDF, and has devoted
much of her time to this cause. I too have
unsubscribed from the list as well, as thatís what I
should be doing.    

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