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> This sounds very much like my own history. How long did your honeymoon
> period last? How long did orals lower your glucose to reasonable levels?

Is there a long-term onset of LADA? I had a honeymoon of 16 yrs, in that
case. I have never been antibody tested and my endo sees no need for it as
I'm now a clearly defined Type 1. I used insulin for the first two years of
having diabetes. I was thin and a teenager. I was a Type 2 for 14 years tho
and had good control with frequent hypoglycemia on Micronase for 12 years,
then they switched to me Glucotrol XL, which did not work well and my A1C's
shot into the 8's, even with hypos coming left and right, they then added
Glucophage, which helped for a while. The drugs worked for a few more years.
Last semester the tablets simply stopped working despite a change to Amaryl
and Glucophage. After December, I got the flu and bronchitus and it was
insulin only from that point. I started into DKA. My endo what matters is
that I am a IDDM-er and he knows of no other cases such as mine, the closest
he knows of is a form that effects African-Americians that causes some to
switch types and stay that type. The funniest thing is, I have a letter from
my old endo who helped me get the pump that says once I was done bearing
children, I'd be able to go back on oral agents with good control. My new
endo says with a C-Peptide of 0.7, that isn't gonna ever happen. Losing the
hope of good control with tablets someday only upsets me a little. I
genuinely prefer my pump and the way it helps me feel better:) It seems my D
has literally progressed as I got older.


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