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Thanks Kindra. I will try to find the article you speak of. In my own case,
though I can not prove it, I believe my beta cells were damaged by childhood
polio, acted erratically from that point on until they "conked out" much
later. I have never read of any such connection so it's probably me that's
"all wet". Thanks again.


> David,
> I read on the IP list a few days ago about some research
> being done at Joslin
> about this topic.  I don't remember the exact post, but I
> think it had to do
> with the mechanism of the liver possibly releasing stored
> glucose into the
> bloodstream (at the wrong time) and the body secreting
> insulin at high levels
> and possibly causing the "prediabetic" hypoglycemia you were
> referring to in
> your post.  I may be all wet, but it might be worth looking in to.

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