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[IP] Re: unresponsive low

<< Humulog actually acts over about 4.5 hours. The tail is
 particularly nasty because you don't expect it. Always remember Insulin has
 a tail that can leave a nasty bite.The tail is part of the YMMV thing about
 diabeasties. >>

We are continually told that H peaks in 2 hours and is totally gone in less 
than 3. We have found this YMMV thing very interesting in respect to the H 
timeframe. With Cory it generally peaks in 3 hours and doesn't appear to have 
too much of a tail after that. If it weren't for the information on this 
board, I would really be questioning my sanity in relationship to the time 
frame we experience vs what the CDE tells us.  We are still dealing with NPH 
in this mess though but by the dinner injection there isn't much NPH in his 
system to figure in with the H. 
Soon Cory will be pumping - can hardly wait,
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